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Local Solutions

Our local based solutions are based on the idea that within each city there are many businesses that are competing for customers. Many of these customers will search online in order to determine which business they choose to give their money to. If you are not ranked on the first page of Google for the searches your potential customers are doing, it is unlikely that you will generate many new customers.

Our process is very easy to understand. We take the following steps:

1. Find an Industry where there are a large number of people using the internet to help them make a buying decision.

2. Research the keywords that will generate the largest return on investment.

3. Build websites to target these keywords.

4. Once the sites rank well in the search engines, we find people within that industry who are interested in the leads that the website will generate.

We have a large portfolio of websites that are already ranked #1 for 1000's of keywords and generating new business for our clients each and every day. Some of the industries we have targeted are: Lawyers, Plumbers, Restaurants, Commercial Cleaning, Naturopathic Doctors, Fitness, Forklift Training, and Education.

To ensure the website can generate high quality leads we undertake the following tasks:

Keyword Research:
Keyword research is a crucial first step in the ranking process. An effective strategy begins with knowing the specific keywords used by your target audience when searching for your products or services. If you want to generate revenue, you need your potential customers or clients to be able to find you. The right audience cannot find you if you aren’t targeting the most popular keywords that they are using. Keyword research is not a one-time process. Keyword research needs to be done on an ongoing basis as people's search habits change and business products and services evolve.

Competitive Analysis:
The Internet marketplace is very competitive. Your competitors are out there employing keywords that will reach customers who could be coming to your website. Your competition’s online strengths and weaknesses need to be analyzed by experts who can detect opportunities for you to generate quality online leads.

Link Building:
One of the most important factors search engines use to determine a website's ranking in the search results is high-quality links. Links from other websites need to be relevant. A well-rounded portfolio of links must include different kinds of links. Building high-quality links requires a wide range of methods and techniques, and a lot of time and patience. Our team of search engine optimization experts knows how to build up your website's rankings efficiently by attracting a wide range of relevant, valuable links.

Content Development:
Content is still king on the Internet. Relevant, compelling copy is crucial to a winning content strategy. If you take the time to optimize your Web copy, you will be helping to increase your search engine rankings. This is because search engines index unique content. But keep in mind that your content is not just for search engines. Producing unique and interesting copy will help convert your visitors to paying customers. Content development is extremely important to online success.

Local Search Optimization:
When customers seek a business or product in their local area, they typically include a location modifier on a keyword. When a geographically focused search of this kind is performed, the search engines will often display a map featuring local business listings, including contact information and directions. You need to know that your Local Listing is optimized for local searches. We ensure that your business information will appear during geographically focused searches.

Web Marketing Analytics:
We monitor every search marketing campaign we set up. Every site has analytics providing metrics and data related to the site. We regularly examine all key performance indicators to determine what search engines are driving the most traffic, what keywords are attracting the most visitors, and what improvements need to be made to increase relevant traffic and conversions.

We strongly believe in transparent reporting to our clients. You will receive detailed accounts of your website’s key performance indicators, such as keyword rankings and visitor traffic data. You will be able to see for yourself how our efforts improve your competitive edge in the Internet marketplace.