SEO tips

Global Solutions

Many businesses operate on a global scale and are interested in generating leads throughout the entire world. These type of solutions are custom tailored to your business. The strategy is to target the most popular keywords that are searched on Google throughout the world. The scale of the solution largely depends on how many different languages you would like to target. The more languages you target, the larger your website traffic has the potential to be.

Depending on your your chosen target, the keywords will vary and thus a thorough investigation needs to be done prior to tackling a project with such a wide scope.

An example of a current project our team is working on:

Industry: Fitness

Primary Goal: Generate as much Traffic as it relates to the Health and Fitness industry as possible.

Traffic per Year: 40 million + is one of the top 10,000 websites in the entire world. The website contains over 1 million pages of unique user driven content. It is considered a global leader in the online fitness industry.