SEO tips

Google Ranking Factors

Mar 1, 2012

Google considers many factors when deciding how to rank websites on search engine results pages. There is no single SEO factor that can guarantee a top Google Search Engine Ranking. The factors are connected. For example, there is no point having a premium domain name if your website's content is of low quality. Having lots of links on your website won't boost your rating if the links are of low quality. You can increase the chances of receiving a higher ranking by addressing several factors.

Important Ranking Factors:
SEO WEBSITE – Use proper coding
KEYWORD RESEARCH – Understand which keywords are revenue generating
LINK STRUCTURE – Link to a variety of online pages, media and documents
CONSTANT LINK MARKETING – Add links frequently

Off Page Ranking Factors
Search engines use Off The Page ranking factors because website publishers sometimes try to make their websites appear more relevant than they are. Publishers cannot directly control Off Page ranking factors.

Good keyword research is key to SEO. Using various free tools, you can research for yourself the ways that users may be searching for your content. Your goal is to write content incorporating the specific search terms people are using so that your content “answers” people's needs. For example, content about “Avoiding Carcinoma” may be skipped by the search engine as a possible answer to a search for “cancer prevention tips,” because your content is laden with technical terminology. The website's language needs to reflect the language that users are typing into the search box.

SEO design is different from web design. Website designers are in the business of designing a visually effective website using Flash, AJAX and a Content Management System. SEO designers create your site with the aim of competing successfully with other sites for top search engine ranking. An SEO designer has the expertise to properly design your website so that it appeals to your customers, while also optimizing the factors required for competitive ranking. The only way to win in the search engine game is to employ the best practices in search engine optimization on your website.