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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for small business owners. Using this fast-flowing media might seem daunting when you are already very busy running your business. We offer customized solutions for each client we have. There are many different ways you can harness the power of social media to help create new leads for your business.

For a quote on your social media project, please feel free to Contact Us. If you are unsure on how your business could take advantage of social media, check out some of the different ideas below:

1. A window into your business. You can use social media to offer a sneak peek when you launch new products, services or features. Social media tools can help build demand and provide critical feedback.

2. Display your expertise. Social media is a way to share knowledge you've gained through years of experience. Sharing knowledge freely helps promote your brand.

3. Go beyond words. Use multimedia to demonstrate what your company offers. Photos, audio and video are great ways to take advantage of social media's multimedia capabilities and connect more vividly with your audience.

4. Encourage online sharing of your content. Content sharing is one of the most effective ways to attract traffic to your website. Promote sharing by installing on your web page a widget, such as AddThis, that makes linking to popular sites easy.

5. Honesty is the best policy. Readers like to feel they have the inside scoop on your company. Honesty and transparency help build lasting relationships with your customers. One means for this type of communication is a blog.

6. Seek potential partners. Networking is easy with websites like LinkedIn. You will be able to find many valuable contacts there.

7. Interact with your visitors. Blogs and fan pages are meant to be interactive. Be sure you engage with your visitors.

8. Attracting employees. Websites like LinkedIn are also used for finding new employees. You can easily find out professional information about any new recruits who are using websites like this.

9. Give back to your customers. Companies can run special promotions through social media. Such campaigns can be more creative and engaging, are quicker to launch, and can be done more frequently than mail campaigns.

10. Monitor feedback. You can conduct regular searches for mentions of your company on social media sites. The results will provide information about your reputation, including praise and complaints. You can act quickly to resolve issues that could harm your reputation.

11. Online advertising. Users of social media sites do not like to be inundated with sales pitches and advertising, although such sites do permit businesses to run ads for specific groups of users based on what information they include in their profiles. Make sure your company profile or blog does not read like an ad or you will turn off your visitors.

12. Help others promote you. Social media users are often willing to spread the word about a company they are passionate about. Make it easy for others to promote you.

13. Boost your credibility. Establish yourself as an expert in the field by using sites such as LinkedIn. The Answers feature enables business owners to build credibility.